2018 Breeze Up Results

LotSire NameDam NameSexConsigned byPurchaserStatus
1Elzaam (AUS)Just One Look (GB)CLoughview StudN/S
2War Command (USA)Folle Blanche (USA)CShannon View StablesAli Majeed Ali21,000 P/S
4Haatef (USA)Majraa (FR)CCoole House FarmBlandford Bloodstock44,000
5Zebedee (GB)Miss Chuckles (GB)CCreighton EquineStonefarm4,000 P/S
7Leading Light (IRE)Vintage Escape (IRE)CBallyhampshire StudJoe Duke10,000
8Gale Force Ten (GB)Tarot Card (GB)FGlenbawn StablesN/S
9Roderic O'Connor (IRE)Lady Conway (USA)FEgmont StudDevis Grilli1,400 P/S
11Charm Spirit (IRE)Elusive Pearl (USA)FMayfield StablesStephen Hillen38,000
13Alhebayeb (IRE)Ribald (GB)FMeadowview StablesVendor3,000
14So You Think (NZ)Nawaashi (GB)CGaybrook Lodge StudCiaran Murphy15,000
15Swiss Spirit (GB)Break of Dawn (USA)FLackendarra StablesVendor10,000
16Requinto (IRE)Sandbox Two (IRE)FHorse Park StudBBA Ireland20,000
17Holy Roman Emperor (IRE)Capall An Ibre (IRE)FBallylinch StudAndy Oliver26,000
18Fast Company (IRE)Moss Top (IRE)FGrove StudBobby O' Ryan33,000
19Bated Breath (GB)Hurry Home Hillary (USA)FGreenhills Farm (Agent)BBA Ireland200,000
20Zebedee (GB)Turuqaat (GB)FTally Ho StudAngelo Sortino6,500
21Holy Roman Emperor (IRE)Repose (USA)CEgmont StudVendor4,500
22Helmet (AUS)Ready When You Are (IRE)CNicholastown StudNasir Askar11,000 P/S
23Dragon Pulse (IRE)Al Euro (FR)CC.H. BloodstockDuhallow Bloodstock10,000 P/S
25Medaglia d'Oro (USA)Lady June Bug (USA)CBrown Island StablesAli Majeed Ali21,000
26Slade Power (IRE)Diamond Tango (FR)CBallycullen StablesVendor10,000
27Most Improved (IRE)Aweebounce (IRE)CMocklershillN/S
28Fast Company (IRE)Luxie (IRE)CKilminfoyle House Stud (Agent)F.C Laser Ltd15,000 P/S
30Society Rock (IRE)Giorgi (IRE)CTally Ho StudBlandford Bloodstock12,000
31Society Rock (IRE)Galleta (GB)FMayfield StablesMariano Manna2,000
32Zebedee (GB)Vintage Molly (GB)CPowerstown StudMarco Bozzi12,000
33Dark Angel (IRE)Delia Eria (IRE)FEgmont StudMichael O' Callaghan56,000
35Noble Mission (GB)Bargain Blitz (USA)CLongways StablesVendor78,000
36Dark Angel (IRE)Pink Opaque (GB)CBaroda & Colbinstown StudsLucarmada22,000
37Footstepsinthesand (GB)Beramana (FR)FArdglas StablesPaul Gammell8,000
38Exceed And Excel (AUS)Fusca (GER)FGrove StudLagarmada21,000
39Admire Moon (JPN)Picture Princess (GB)FFriars Lough StablesN/S
40Empire Maker (USA)Speak Softly (JPN)FHyde Park StudN/S
43Alhebayeb (IRE)Naked Poser (IRE)FMeadowview StablesTakaya Shimakawa26,000
44Alhebayeb (IRE)Beyond The Sea (IRE)CGaybrook Lodge StudJanda Bloodstock5,500
45Oasis Dream (GB)Swingland (GB)COak Tree FarmPacific Bloodstock72,000
46Union Rags (USA)Sweet On Kitten (USA)FThe Bloodstock ConnectionFlan Costello2,500
47Kitten's Joy (USA)Lead Me On (USA)CPowerstown StudAli Majeed Ali20,000
48Bungle Inthejungle (GB)Park Approach (IRE)CBallinahulla StablesBBA Ireland36,000
49Society Rock (IRE)Lear's Crown (USA)CGreenhills Farm (Agent)Kevin Ross Bloodstock10,000 P/S
50Society Rock (IRE)Daneville (IRE)FTally Ho StudBlandford Bloodstock16,000
51Footstepsinthesand (GB)Royale Life (FR)CMayfield StablesVendor26,000
52Morpheus (GB)Flash And Dazzle (IRE)CRockview StablesKaty Brown6,000 P/S
53Requinto (IRE)Bonkers (GB)CSherbourne LodgeD Kinsella4,500
54Dark Angel (IRE)Bee Eater (IRE)CTrimblestown StablesBreffni Stud5,500
55Kitten's Joy (USA)Mambo With G (USA)CFairgreen StablesAli Majeed Ali60,000
56Kitten's Joy (USA)Gone Girl (USA)CKilminfoyle House Stud (Agent)Ali Majeed Ali12,500
58Zoffany (IRE)Positive Spin (GB)CEgmont StudMarco Bozzi Bloodstock16,000
59Lope de Vega (IRE)Need You Now (IRE)CGaybrook Lodge StudJohn Stimpson65,000
60Helmet (AUS)Capote West (USA)CTally Ho StudMichael O' Callaghan75,000
61Animal Kingdom (USA)Tale of the Fox (CAN)CBrown Island StablesDe Burgh Equine42,000
62Rajsaman (FR)Yachtclubgenoa (IRE)CHorse Park StudKevin Ross Bloodstock66,000
64Morpheus (GB)Miss Inferno (IRE)FBallycullen StablesN/S
65Exceed And Excel (AUS)Saadiah (IRE)FHyde Park StudHorse Revolution8,000 P/S
66Bungle Inthejungle (GB)Where's Charlotte (GB)FMocklershillKevin Ross Bloodstock26,000
67Siyouni (FR)Louve Rouge (FR)CGrove StudMaura Gittins105,000
68Data Link (USA)Stillistillmovin (USA)FLongways StablesVendor16,000
69Equiano (FR)Gauchita (GB)CEgmont StudMichael O' Callaghan10,000
70Coach House (IRE)Right Rave (IRE)FTally Ho StudJason Kelly Bloodstock5,000
72No Nay Never (USA)Laber Ildut (IRE)CArdglas StablesRabbah Bloodstock80,000
73Havana Gold (IRE)Kublahara (IRE)FMeadowview StablesAli Majeed Ali5,500
74Bated Breath (GB)Border Minstral (IRE)CGaybrook Lodge StudD Kinsella42,000
75Dandy Man (IRE)Wishyouwerehere (IRE)FRockview StablesOrchardstown Farms Ltd14,000
76Dandy Man (IRE)Certainly Brave (GB)FKnockanglass StablesA. Keatley Racing16,000
77Gregorian (IRE)Sampers (IRE)FMocklershillAdrian Murray35,000
78Teofilo (IRE)Ohiyesa (IRE)FPowerstown StudMarco Bozzi Bloodstock12,000
79Battle of Marengo (IRE)Ten Commandments (IRE)CKnockgraffon StablesStephen Hillen24,000
81Foxwedge (AUS)Tremelo Pointe (IRE)CEgmont StudCoolmeen Farm50,000
82Point of Entry (USA)Xylonia (USA)CFriars Lough StablesN/S
83Olympic Glory (IRE)High Princess (FR)CGreenhills FarmDavid Spratt16,000
84Australia (GB)Festoso (IRE)FThe Bloodstock ConnectionJanda Bloodstock24,000
85Lope de Vega (IRE)Scottish Stage (IRE)CBansha House StablesN/S
86Vocalised (USA)Gilded Butterfly (USA)CM.M.SMark Cuschieri28,000
87Magician (IRE)Davanti (IRE)CRockview StablesNewlands Bloodstock22,000
89War Command (USA)Mad About The Girl (IRE)FMocklershillHorse Revolution13,000
91Quality Road (USA)Rhagori (GB)CMayfield StablesGlobal Equine Group180,000
92Xtension (IRE)Meadow (GB)FKnockanglass (Agent)Vendor9,000
94Cacique (IRE)Istriane (IRE)CPowerstown StudMarco Bozzi Bloodstock58,000
95Elusive Quality (USA)Nana Anna (USA)CCH Thoroughbreds (Agent)Fathi Egziami P/S9,000
98Bungle Inthejungle (GB)Cookie Cutter (IRE)FLongways StablesDe Burgh Equine26,000
99Acclamation (GB)Like A Dream (FR)CRockview StablesVendor26,000
100Eskendereya (USA)Pick And Choose (USA)CTally Ho StudAli Majeed Ali24,000
101Moohaajim (IRE)Poker Hospital (GB)FSherbourne LodgeNeil Simpson20,000
102Clodovil (IRE)Sole Bay (GB)FDolmen BloodstockDe Burgh Equine22,000
103Showcasing (GB)Jolie Etoile (USA)CMeadowview StablesN/S
104Evasive (GB)Ile Rousse (GB)CKnockanglass StablesDelcher Sanches Ch28,000
105Exceed And Excel (AUS)Riva Snows (IRE)FEgmont StudA Oliver12,000
106Shakespearean (IRE)Try The Air (IRE)CBallinahulla StablesAlan Berry17,000
107Siyouni (FR)Fine Threads (GB)CArdglas StablesMarco Bozzi Bloodstock9,000 P/S
108Equiano (FR)Wenden Belle (IRE)CBallinvana House StudKevin Ross Bloodstock20,000
109Casamento (IRE)Luggala (IRE)CHorse Park StudSocieta D'allenahemro MS5,000
110Morpheus (GB)Cakestown Lady (IRE)CTally Ho StudVendor5,000
111Intello (GER)Dhuma (GB)FMayfield StablesMarco Bozzi Bloodstock34,000
113Sea The Stars (IRE)Labise (IRE)FMocklershillBobby O' Ryan50,000
114Slade Power (IRE)Sancai (USA)FGreenhills FarmRichard O' Brien17,000
116Battle of Marengo (IRE)Compassion (GB)CCappakeel StablesIan Williams14,000
118Iffraaj (GB)Adonesque (IRE)CEgmont StudJohn Stimpson76,000
119Sir Percy (GB)Emma's Gift (IRE)CKnockanglass StablesBBA Ireland37,000
120Gale Force Ten (GB)Ocean Bluff (IRE)CHyde Park StudTransporti Ippici Pieraccini SR4,000
121Gale Force Ten (GB)Main Opinion (IRE)CFriars Lough StablesN/S
122Compton Place (GB)Sweet As Honey (GB)CTrimblestown StablesSocieta D'allenahemro MS5,000
123Dandy Man (IRE)Eliza Snow (IRE)FBramblestownTakaya Shimakawa37,000
124Kodiac (GB)Gerobies Girl (USA)FPowerstown StudBobby O' Ryan / Keith Dagleish21,000
125Scat Daddy (USA)Akris Queen (USA)FMocklershillJohn Lenihan200,000
126Exceed And Excel (AUS)Kaabari (USA)CBrown Island StablesDe Burgh Equine190,000
127Dark Angel (IRE)Glory Power (IRE)CBansha House StablesJanda Bloodstock20,000
128Raven's Pass (USA)Hermia (IRE)CKnockanglass StablesNasir Askar72,000
129Invincible Spirit (IRE)Mawaared (GB)FEgmont StudRabbah Bloodstock13,000
130Society Rock (IRE)Deeday Bay (IRE)CTally Ho StudBBA Ireland140,000
132Dragon Pulse (IRE)Callherhome (IRE)FThe Bloodstock ConnectionRoss Birkett / Julia Feilden6,000
133Moohaajim (IRE)Piece Unique (GB)CMeadowview StablesN/S
134Charm Spirit (IRE)Blue Maiden (GB)CLongways StablesRuberda Antonino2,000
137Tagula (IRE)Weekend Lady (IRE)CMocklershillVanja Sandrup8,500
138Paco Boy (IRE)Final Legacy (USA)CBallinvana House StudGabriele Bietolini6,500
139Gale Force Ten (GB)Night Cam (IRE)FPowerstown StudLg Didio Luigiegioseppe3,500
140Showcasing (GB)Sesmen (GB)CTally Ho StudMarco Bozzi Bloodstock46,000
141Helmet (AUS)Wagtail (GB)CKnockanglass StablesJohnny Levins5,500
142Slade Power (IRE)Tallulah Bell (USA)COak Tree FarmMichael O' Callaghan220,000
143Gale Force Ten (GB)Mixora (USA)CArdglas StablesCoolmeen Farms14,000
144Authorized (IRE)Little Alice (GB)CGreenhills Farm (Agent)Borje Olsson10,000
147Power (GB)Fulminata (IRE)CDolmen BloodstockDeclan Carroll22,000
149Creachadoir (IRE)Peldrine (FR)CSherbourne LodgeGary Moore Racing38,000
150Morpheus (GB)Diamond Finesse (IRE)FTally Ho StudGabriele Bietolini6,500
151Rajsaman (FR)Seguida (USA)CMayfield StablesBorje Olsson15,000
152Oasis Dream (GB)Rebecca Rolfe (GB)CKnockanglass StablesGary Moore Racing28,000
153Bated Breath (GB)Featherweight (IRE)CEgmont StudJanda Bloodstock10,000
154Will Take Charge (USA)Half A P (USA)FPowerstown StudBhupat Seemar30,000
155Society Rock (IRE)Breakmeheart (IRE)FWindmill StablesVendor12,000
157Penny's Picnic (IRE)Secret Marks (FR)CBansha House StablesRichard Knight / Sean Quinn46,000
158Bated Breath (GB)Snow Crystal (IRE)CRockview StablesRubera Antonino5,000
159Dandy Man (IRE)La Dama Boba (IRE)CFeigh StablesJulie Camacho4,000 P/S
160Penny's Picnic (IRE)Semenova (FR)FHyde Park Stud (Agent)Benjamin Avenel14,000
161Zebedee (GB)Our Sheila (GB)FMocklershillFrederico Barberini12,000
162Starspangledbanner (AUS)Noisy Feet (USA)FBrown Island StablesBBA Ireland120,000
163Helmet (AUS)La Petite Bleue (GER)FMeadowview StablesCompass Equine / MacLennon26,000
164Zebedee (GB)La Dame de Fer (IRE)CKingsfield StudHillen / Hambleton20,000
165Zebedee (GB)Lady Day (GB)CEgmont StudHillen / Ryan30,000
167Dream Ahead (USA)Spirit of Hope (IRE)FAlbany StudMarco Bozzi Bloodstock16,000
168Harbour Watch (IRE)Dusty Storm (IRE)CLongways StablesMarco Bozzi Bloodstock12,000
169Morpheus (GB)Sharp And Smart (IRE)CShanaville StablesIan William14,000
170Society Rock (IRE)Ann's Annie (IRE)FTally Ho StudDevis Grilu - Scuderia La Ciprea4,500
171War Command (USA)Divisme (USA)CMayfield StablesDe Burgh Equine50,000
172Elzaam (AUS)Gwynedd (IRE)CRockview StablesMarco Bozzi Bloodstock2,500 P/S
173Tagula (IRE)Angelena Ballerina (IRE)FMocklershillVincenso Caruso5,000
174Slade Power (IRE)Allofus (IRE)FDerryconnor StudVendor3,000
176Helmet (AUS)Union City Blues (IRE)FKnockanglass StablesBlandford Bloodstock52,000
177Frankel (GB)Vital Statistics (GB)FGreenhills Farm (Agent)Stephen Hillen315,000
178Fast Company (IRE)Celtic Heroine (IRE)CThomastown Corner StablesHighflyer Bloodstock Ltd.42,000
179Showcasing (GB)Rightside (GB)FKilminfoyle House Stud (Agent)Borje Olsson8,000
181Epaulette (AUS)Zerka (GB)CHardwood StudGaelic Bloodstock22,000
182Gale Force Ten (GB)Lilac Mist (GB)FKnockgraffon StablesVendor10,000
183Gregorian (IRE)Palkin (GB)CThe Bloodstock ConnectionClaudio Impelluso2,500 P/S
185Society Rock (IRE)Singapore Lilly (IRE)CMocklershillHorse Revolution5,000
186Elusive Pimpernel (USA)Holly Hawk (IRE)FBramblestownBBA Ireland12,000
187Revolutionary (USA)Countess Clare (USA)CDolmen BloodstockHamish Macauley18,500
189Casamento (IRE)Island Paradise (IRE)FEgmont StudDevis Grilli 2,000
190Kodiac (GB)Grecian Glory (IRE)FTally Ho StudMaura Gittins28,000
191Mukhadram (GB)Showerproof (GB)CCastlelyons StablesStroud Coleman Bloodstock38,000
192Footstepsinthesand (GB)Speedi Mouse (GB)CDerryconnor StudCompass Equine / MacLennon25,000
193Havana Gold (IRE)Dunbrody (FR)CGlending StablesLG Didio Luigiegioseppe10,000 P/S
194Toronado (IRE)Lyra's Daemon (GB)FMeadowview StablesBorje Olsson12,000
195Dragon Pulse (IRE)Blue Dune (GB)FKingsfield StudBBA Ireland30,000
196Sepoy (AUS)Dancing Abbie (USA)CLongways StablesGaelic Bloodstock42,000
197Panis (USA)Fabulatrice (FR)CSherbourne LodgeAidan O' Ryan / Keith Dagleish20,000
198Lawman (FR)Ryninch (IRE)CAlbany StudMarco Bozzi Bloodstock15,000
199Born To Sea (IRE)Spanish Pride (IRE)CWindmill StablesAllevemento IL Grifone SRL20,000
200Alhebayeb (IRE)Floatlikabutterfly (IRE)CHyde Park StudManna Mariono2,000 P/S
201Society Rock (IRE)Rapparee (USA)CKnockanglass StablesTransporti Ippici Pieraccini SRI3,500
202Slade Power (IRE)Ekhraaj (USA)FEgmont StudVendor2,000
203Camelot (GB)Chiming (IRE)FBallyvorgal StablesVendor20,000
204Swiss Spirit (GB)Verasina (USA)FSkehanagh StablesBobby O' Ryan25,000
205War Command (USA)Andrea Bellevica (IRE)CShanaville StablesJumaa Mubarak Al Junaibi21,000
206Big Bad Bob (IRE)Alayna (IRE)CPondsfield StudBBA Ireland20,000
207Delegator (GB)Flamenco Dancer (GB)CWillow Pound StablesVendor2,000
209Alhebayeb (IRE)Visual Element (USA)CMocklershillRichard Knight / Sean Quinn50,000
210Morpheus (GB)Carcinetto (IRE)CTally Ho StudDr. Hans Jorg Stihl16,000
211Paco Boy (IRE)Statua (IRE)CClenagh Castle StudIan Williams14,000
215Dragon Pulse (IRE)Jaldini (IRE)CHyde Park StudN/S
216Swiss Spirit (GB)Tintean (IRE)CKnockanglass StablesMarco Bozzi Bloodstock5,000
217Canford Cliffs (IRE)Shebelia (GER)CSkyrne StablesKevin Ross Bloodstock40,000
218Footstepsinthesand (GB)Crafted Mastery (IRE)CBushypark StablesCharles Marini18,000 P/S
219Lope de Vega (IRE)Pietra Dura (GB)FMocklershillBorje Olsson8,000
220Garswood (GB)Spring Green (GB)FTally Ho StudRichard Knight / Sean Quinn41,000
223Vocalised (USA)Invincible Wings (IRE)CGlending StablesLinden Lodge Bloodstock30,000
225Kyllachy (GB)Inagh River (GB)FMillwood StablesDavid Loughnane Racing10,000
226Charm Spirit (IRE)Dame Lucy (IRE)CBuckley BloodstockVendor11,000
227Sayif (IRE)Acclamare (IRE)CWillow Pound StablesN/S
228Holy Roman Emperor (IRE)Las Aves (IRE)FCAJ StablesRabbah Bloodstock15,000 P/S
229Olympic Glory (IRE)Stella River (FR)CEgmont StudPhilip Rothwell3,000
230Zebedee (GB)Trisara (GB)FTally Ho StudDevis Grilli 3,000 P/S
231Born To Sea (IRE)Amistad (GER)CMocklershillDevis Grilli5,500
232Bungle Inthejungle (GB)She Runs (FR)FHardwood StudTuite Hillen20,000
234Bungle Inthejungle (GB)Ellistown Lady (IRE)CVinesgrove StudVendor25,000
235Magician (IRE)Inspeight of Her (USA)FStar BloodstockJohn McConnell / Harvey Bloodstock7,000
236Harbour Watch (IRE)Universe (GB)FCrohane HouseN/S
237Camacho (GB)Ride For Roses (IRE)FPondfield StablesKevin Ross Bloodstock10,000
238Born To Sea (IRE)Hollow Quaill (IRE)CDunsany StablesAlliance Bloodstock12,500
239Helmet (AUS)Halliard (GB)FShanaville StablesCaruso Vincenzo6,000 P/S
240Zebedee (GB)Tamara Gervasoni (IRE)CTally Ho StudClaudio Impelluso13,000
241Bungle Inthejungle (GB)Big Sylv (IRE)FKnockcurra StudJames Brown10,000
242Zebedee (GB)Lally Mut (ITY)FWindmill StablesN/S
243Heeraat (IRE)Otrooha (IRE)FSkehanagh StablesMarianne Jahreskog15,000
245Fast Company (IRE)Clinging Vine (USA)FRangers LodgeN/S
246Tagula (IRE)Bidable (GB)FPondsfield Stud PollerstownBobby O' Ryan15,000